Saturday, November 27, 2010


It was a cold winter's day in late 2007 that I became tired of looking out my front window at a dilapidated building, left for ruin, that had once been a thriving middle school.  I did my small part by penning a letter to the local newspaper to suggest that instead of leaving that dangerous-looking, moldy, smelly old building there to make our neighborhood look trashy, why did the library board not consider checking into purchasing it for the new library which had obviously outgrown its space?

Many, many hours and discussions later, the library chose a different route, but some very brilliant, forward-looking people came up with and brought to fruition, a plan for a green park.

Though at times I was stomping around my house holding my head in my hands, greatly disturbed by the heavy equipment, the year of truck traffic, the smashing, banging, paving, planting, while trying to work at my job as a medical transcriptionist, today I am proudly attending the ribbon cutting ceremony for our beautiful new park across the street, and the demolition to restoring was so worth the commotion and the wait!  It is so much more than I expected it to be.

From a wasted ugly building, to a barren wasteland, to this:  

I have never been so proudly a part of a city as I am of Jasper, Indiana, today!  We all pulled together and changed an entire section of the city to reflect our environmental concerns and our desires to see beauty at a time when it is a lot easier to feel woeful than happy, and have made ourselves another happy spot nestled in our beautiful little German city rich with history and full of hardworking, proud residents.  

What started with the famed and gorgeous River Walk along the Patoka River several years back, this park was not even a twinkle in anyone's eye.  Now, not only does the Jasper River Walk promote our environmentalist population and our desires to take care of and preserve the beauty here, but the new green park has been born.

As of this time, I do not know the name of the park.  That will be revealed to all of us today, I suppose, as we gather in the Cabby O'Neil Gym that sits proudly remodeled on the same property, as a neighborhood and community, to share stories, cocoa, and cookies, at 1:00.  

My grandson and I have been enjoying the park for weeks already, stepping around yellow do-not-enter tape, over large garden hoses, and past a Port-A-Potty quite ceremoniously centrally located right outside our front door, literally, to run on its sidewalks, play tag on it's new sod, and hide-and-seek around the newly-planted trees.  As David says as he hugs one of the new trees, "I love you, man!"

The photo above has been a wee bit touched up;  I figured you all probably figured that out, for Christmas. I just might have to use this for my Christmas card this year.

Anyway, this is a lead-in to the celebration David and I are going to today, and if I get any photos that are nice today, (it is really cold, so I do not know how much outside time we will take), I will come back and post a few more later.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season.  


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