Thursday, June 17, 2010


In honor of this week's Theme Thursday muse, I started this new photo blog.  

My camera is my lifeline to my memories.  We are pretty much attached at the hip, my camera and me.  

So, here it is, my Canon's new photo blog.  He has been so anxious to show everybody how artistic he is!  Welcome to My Gimping Gallery!  Happy TT!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This is Max The Youngest Blue Jay.  I know because he has two identically-shaped white tips on both tail feathers.  I was in my air conditioned office and Max was in the 100-degree heat.  When the birds pant, it's hot.

This is Rudy The Purple Finch.  He is the only one of the finches to have the moxy to run the bully blue jays off the playground.  But yesterday, even he was begging to come inside in the AC.

Today I might have to close the blinds so I don't have to see all the bird sweating and panting going on out there.

It is June, almost summer, and my yard is becoming a haven for all sorts of creatures as I contemplate a Koi pond in the not too distant future.  Mosquito control until the bats all get moved in.  I just noticed a couple of days ago that my blooming thick butterfly garden has become a home for fireflies, and it is quite a sight to see them all wake up, stretch, start test-blinking before taking off, then all take to the back yard where they spend a few hours blinking and gossiping:  "Hey, Blinks, did you hear that Myra got her bulb changed at one of those fancy genetic places?  I mean, give me a break...look at her out there blinking like a headlight!  Please!  Sigh."  

And so the natural world goes in my back yard.  I am starting to like my bugs almost as much as my people...but don't people will always come first.  Just do not step on a firefly or pull it's light off to give me reason to ban you!  :0)

Friday, June 11, 2010


About ten minutes before I posted this, the storm was rolling in, and not one to be disturbed by my boyfriend yelling, "Tornado!" I managed to get some great cloud shots before heading for cover.  It might have been a tornado, but it stayed in the clouds...this time!



I am posting a picture of the latest obvious recruit to my Bird Empire.  I mean seriously, feed them and they will show up.  Below there is the photo of the bird I need ID'ed plus a couple of shots of my new seagrass roosting pockets that I put up hoping to draw a couple of families of small birds.  Interpret that as:  PLEASE COME HOME, HUMMERS!  I have seen one hummingbird all season so far here, so if you see my hummers, please tell them I've put up new digs for them to roost in, if not this year, then check them out and I'll reserve them for next spring!  

This bird might be a chickadee, I'm not sure.  It is a tiny bird with a small tuft and a VERY loud song.  I can't believe such a huge noise comes out of that little bird.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Some photos of the birds stopping by to chat, show off their young, and 
dine on my feeders today.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This photo is doctored up a little using Gimp.  This is my trial at having a Diana lens photo from my plain old regular Canon camera!